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LANNI SULJE Picture Phone Number: 604-461-6698
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Website: https://www.MyArtClub.Com/Lanni.Sulje

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 I was born and raised in West Vancouver, British Columbia. At an early age I discovered an affinity for the visual arts, a fascination with light, colour and design, and I began teaching myself. While navigating my way through a life full of family, friends, work and other entertainments I always continued to explore and experiment with different mediums and styles attempting to build on my knowledge and skills. In the past fifteen years I have, for the most part, concentrated on realism to capture the beauty of the land, people and architecture of the places I have lived or visited and feel strongly connected to. With a love for the effects of light, I attempt to capture quiet moments with simplicity and slightly dreamlike quality. I currently reside in Port Moody B.C.
 Port Moody Art Association, My Art Club. Com

INDIVIDUAL SHOWS: *1994 Maple Ridge Art Gallery B.C., *1995 PROCOPE, Vancouver B.C., *1997 CREEKSIDE GALLERY B.C., *1999 Place Des Arts B.C., *1999 GALLERY 1000 Carmel,California *1999 Port Moody Museum Gallery B.C. *2000 ELKE AND DELILA'S California, *2001 POCO GALLERY, Coquitlam B.C. GROUP SHOWS: *1994 IMAGES 94 B.C., *1994 INNOVATIONS 94 B.C., *1995 Art Focus B.C., Place Des Arts B.C. *1996 ELST AND ASSOCIATION GALLERY SHOW, Vancouver B.C. *1997 INNOVATIONS 97 B.C. *1997 CARMEL SUMMER OF THE ARTS SHOW Carmel California *1998 "SKY, LAND, WATER, TREES" Vancouver B.C. *1998 Artist for the Environment B.C. *2003 Place Des Arts Gallery Show B.C. *2003 Rocky Point Park Gallery Group Show B.C. *2004 Rocky Point Park Gallery Christmas Show B.C. *2004 "IMAGE WORKS" Vancouver B.C. *1997 to 2008 PORT MOODY FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS *2002 to 2008 ARTIST IN THE PARK, Port Moody B.C. *2010 "THREE ART HARMONY" LaNaDa Artist Faction Group Show at The Gring Gallery And Cafe,Vancouver B.C. *2011 "NEVER A PLACE" LaNaDa Group Show, Place Des Art. Coquitlam B.C. *2011 VCON Science Fiction and Fantasy B.C. Show, Vancouver *2012 "POSITIVELY PETIT" Place Des Art Coquitlam B.C. * 1997 to 2013 "PORT MOODY ART ASSOCIATION ANNUAL SHOW" Port Moody B.C. *2013 Architecture: the built environment Port Moody Arts Centre * 2014 "Artist's Choice" Port Moody B.C. * 2014 "KaBooM" Art Explosion * 2014 VCON - TWO THOUSAND AND FOURTEEN * 2014 "PORT MOODY ART ASSOCIATION ANNUAL SHOW" Port Moody B.C. * 2016 "PORT MOODY ART ASSOCIATION ANNUAL SHOW" Port Moody B.C. * 2017 PMAA "GOLDEN MOMENTS SHOW" at the Port Moody Art Gallery. * 2017 Port Moody Art Association Mural Mosiac Unveiling on May 25th at the P.M. Galleria

 Artdex International 1994 Special Merit Award [ Capistrano ] , Artdex International 1995 Gold Medal Award [ Guillermo - Modern Boy in an Ancient Village ] , Innovations 1995 Honourable Mention [Guillermo ] , Sky, Land, Water, Trees 1998 Honourable Mention [ Island Mist ]

LANNI SULJE belongs to the following groups:
 Port Moody Art Association Port Moody - City of the Arts
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