First Day of Autumn: 3 Gardens
First Day of Autumn: 3 Gardens
24 by 30 in.
Acrylic on Canvas
Copyright © 2020 Kathleen Susan Young    Zoom Image

Subject:Garden Scenes
Year Created:2020
Artist's Comments: 

This was my Covid-19 painting represented by the large "V" dissecting the image.  I took photos on the first day of Autumn 2020 of these gardens and my challenge was to combine them into one image.  Each garden had many interesting aspects but they needed to work together as well.  Each section has a hidden name.  So thank you to Anne, Wendy and Janny for sharing their beautiful gardens with me.


This painting is not in my upcoming show but I wanted to put it in my "Explorations" Studio.

About the Artist
About the Artist

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