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Artist Bio

Painting on location at Brickyard Bay, very close to where I live. It's a beautiful spot!

Standing back from your work helps to see the "bigger picture", a check for good balance of shapes, etc. Looking at your work in a mirror also helps!

I was born and raised in Edmonton,Alberta, eventually moving to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1974.   In November of 2011 we moved to Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island.   Moss-covered rocks, twisted oak trees and the reddish bark of arbutus trees; all this scenery mixed in with numerous little bays and stunning ocean views will inspire and challenge me to capture my new world on canvas.

     I love to paint large canvases and use bright, bold colours.  Painting with acrylics gives me the freedom to paint quickly, to glaze layers of colour or to lather it on with a palette knife. The quick-drying quality of acrylic paint suits my style and allows me capture my creative thoughts as they flow onto the canvas.  I am now adding collage to my technique, which is adding to the texture of my work and giving depth to the compositions.  
     There is always a struggle when I start a new painting.  Planning the composition, setting up the 'technical' side of the painting and yet trying to paint the 'mood' of my subject matter.  With all this it still feels like magic to take a blank canvas and create a fleeting moment in time!  I want to pull you, the viewer, into my paintings and take you away to a place of calm and joy.