November 28,2008
First Blog

Last weekend I decided to start a blog...or to blog…is it a noun or a verb…….my dictionary doesn't have the word in it…oh well…I set up the page but before I could start writing I was besieged by a flu that made me so dizzy, literally, I could sit up long enough to write. I am somewhat improved now and able to continue. The Port Moody Art Association Annual Show took place last weekend and started on Friday night, the Opening, with a power outage. Saturday and Sunday were busy though and as always it was fun to socialize with members and patrons. To my surprise I sold "Rainy Day – Matera" a small 14x11oil painting of Matera, Italy. (I have posted it on my site with brief description) I didn't expect this painting to sell and only listed it to be included in the show at the last minute. I had recently completed it and sat it on a shelf in my studio. The more I saw of it the more attached I became. This doesn't happen with every painting but I do love the little paintings. They are like small windows to another world that subtly catch your eye and for a moment transport you to different place. I delivered two new paintings to Joye Designs –Stone Art Gallery yesterday for the upcoming Old Town Neighbourhood Walkabout on December 4 in Port Moody Old Town. It is open from 11:00am to 11:00pm so I will try to visit early in the day. In the meantime I am continuing to work on the Italian Series. The idea is to create one 11x14 inch painting of each village I have visited. It is sometime hard to choose an image but I have some sketches put aside as potentials and am preparing canvases. It is good to work on the small pieces during the holiday season as there can be numerous distractions. As always on these gray days I am excited, inspired and eager to start painting. Cheers Lanni

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