December 16,2008
It's the Season

The ground outside my window is softly white as if the gods of Christmas baking have sprinkled it with icing sugar. And so starts the season of artistic interruption. As suspected there will be little painting now until the New Year. A corner of the studio has been taken over by colourful gift bags, stuffed with presents and green, red and yellow tissue escaping like flames from the tops. I've put the oil paints away and hidden the "works in progress" so they will be fresh when I return to them in January. In their place on the desk is a basket of watercolour paints and small scraps of Arches watercolour paper. In brief moments between the seasonal activities I can entertain myself with the colours, making small free flowing scenes of winter. Mountains, moons, snow laden trees and tiny abstractions, glued to cardstock, given to friends and family. Best wishes to all in 2009.

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