March 01,2009

Stepping out of winter into Mexico is like waking from a silent sleep into a vivid dream. A carnival of swirling colours, loud passionate music, the sounds of crashing waves and vehicle engines, Spanish tongues talking, laughing, children playing, birds calling. The aroma of cooking oils, limes, roasting chicken, sweet tropical fruits and rooting vegetation mix with the salty air. I walk the dusty streets in a daze of sensory overload filling up the well run dry by the cold gray winter. As I settle in to the rhythm my pencil finds some paper. The sketches are rough, quick, and raw. Everything is moving so fast and I need time but the lines take form. Slowly I become calmed by a strange sense of meditation in this circle of energetic activity. I know, as I quietly inhale the atmosphere, that I will carry the energy home. It will give life to the paintings that will grow out of these simple drawings.

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