June 22,2009

It has been so long since I have written. It's nice to take the time to put some words on the page. Since I returned from Mexico at the end of February life has been a whirlwind. Only a little time has been spent painting and that has been small oil paintings. Most of the creative energy has been given over to drawing. An old and constant love for graphite pencil on paper. I am back to the sketch books filling them with images taken from life, photos and rough drawings on bits of paper saved for these moments. There is a challenge and delight in finding the light and colour in blacks, grays and white. It is the prelude to painting. After working on the drawings eventually the fury will ebb and I will start to look at them. Colours begin to emerge and the drawings grow in size until, hopefully, I can see them as paintings. Then the practical work of stretching the canvas, preparing the surface so the drawing can be transferred onto it with black, and watered down gray, gesso. When it resembles the sketch in my book the painting starts, sometimes growing as I envision it and other times taking on a life of its own. Always there is adventure, struggle, persistence and joy. Here are some past drawings and the paintings that have evolved from them.Blue Siesta

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