November 25,2014
Once Again

Once again it’s farewell to another successful Port Moody Art Association Fall Show. It was lovely to spend time with other members, some who I have known a while and others I’ve met recently. To see the new artwork and how the artists have evolved through the year. There is also the joy of meeting those that attend, the collectors and supporters. To hear their feedback. At the end of the show when we hear how many paintings sold I have visions of the walls of houses in the Tri city area, and beyond, that are home to the images from each show…………………………………………………So now that the PMAA show is over (and I have participated in two other shows this fall) I am ready to step back. It feels like an empty time and is somewhat frustrating. If I hadn’t been through it so often I would take it more seriously. But it’s a time that suits the weather and the season. My creativity hibernates and I wonder where I will go next. I still look at the world and paint in bits and pieces in an effort to feed myself but really …it’s like being underwater swimming around and around looking, waiting for a place to surface …and yet gathering some kind of energy and new vision from the silent waters while floating in that quiet place. Although it’s happened many times I’m always amazed when I arise and find the world as if newly born, inspiring, and full of life. Then it’s exciting and I’m eager to play, experiment, and see my surroundings with enlightened eyes. I feel new life in the images and am inspired to live in the world of painting again………………….In the meantime here are a few of my paintings shown in the 2014 Port Moody Art Association Annual Show and some from the past now living in the collection of others.

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