April 16,2014
The Magic of Joshua Tree

One of the paintings I showed in "The Artist Choice Exhibition" at The Port Moody Art Centre recently is titled ``From Within``. Its birth, like these others paintings, began last November when I spent a week in the small high desert town of California called Joshua Tree. It has been a while since I spent time in a desert environment and as always happens for me in those places I found myself in a very peaceful and entranced mind state; and once again I was reminded of my love of nature. I spent day after day wandering the hills around the house and exploring the magic of Joshua Tree National Monument. When I arrived home, supplied with sketches and photos of the strange rock formation and the sound of the wind still echoing in my ears, I started a series of twenty plus small paintings to keep the memory alive and inspire me to further explore the visions captured in that strange and mysterious place.From WIthin - Joshua Tree 20

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