February 22,2017
A Broken Arm

After the Port Moody Art Association Annual Show in early November 2016 I went to Mexico for a couple of weeks holiday with the intention of coming back to the studio ready to start some new larger paintings for upcoming shows. Then, while in Puerto Vallarta, I fell and fractured my left arm and shoulder while strolling along the sidewalk one evening after attending an art opening. Yikes!! After a night at the hospital I had one more week left in Mexico so just sat in the sun and starting the healing process. I’ve never broken anything before and was surprised at how much it put me out of commission and how long it would take to recover. When I arrived home after a very painful flight I realized I had to change my painting plans. Definitely there would be no large paintings painted for some time. At first I spent time looking through my sketch books which only increased my desire to paint again but with only one arm available I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Fortunately it was my left arm/shoulder that was broken and I am right handed. After a while I realized I could manage small paintings in gouache onehandedly. So started gathering ideas from my sketch books and scenes from my window with the intention of making small gouache paintings. I had an empty watercolour book and started filling it with small works; all 5 x 7 or smaller. A entertaining pursuit while being housebound due to the snow and recovering from the injury. I’ll continue filling the book with tiny paintings until I am fit to manage something larger. Here are some of the recent gouache paintings from the book. Hope you enjoy.

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