April 25,2019
Joshua Tree Park

In 2013 I visited some friends who were staying in Joshua Tree. We spent almost every day for a week in Joshua Tree National Park. It was the first time I had been there and I was definitely enchanted. I spent time sketching and taking photographs. When I returned home the remembered images remained close. I decided to paint twenty small and medium sized pictures from the sketches I had created. As time moved on I continued to see, in the back of my mind, the strange rock formations, the clear colours and reflected light, the shadows. I realized I needed to return to the park, spend more time exploring, sketching and absorbing the atmosphere. It took longer than I had planned for my return but, finally, last November 2018 I decided to wait no longer so I booked a cottage, a car and a flight for eight days in Twenty Nine Palms. Alone, I was able to spend hours each day soaking up the energy of Joshua Tree Park. There were few people there besides hiker, rock climbers and few campers so the days were quiet and I was able walk, wander, climb and sketch. Once again I felt the magic of Joshua Tree. As in 2013 when I returned home I created twenty small paintings.  This is a combination of images from my two visits to Joshua Tree.

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