February 02,2020
Paintings of the West Coast


I was born, grew up and still live on the south west coast of British Columbia. I believe your physical environment, the place you call home, whether by birth or choice, has a strong influence on who you are. I’m not sure exactly how the West Coast has impacted me but I know it lives in me. I know that my memories from childhood, what I see daily and what I carry inside are visions of steep mountains meeting the pacific coast shoreline of stones, shells, and driftwood; trees with branches that sweep to the ground and high tops that sing in the gentle winter winds; river and creeks that flow wildly in one season and softly in another. Colours muted by the abundance of vapor in the cool air. The rain, the endless rain; large drops, little drops, showers, water filled mist, sometime frozen or turned to snow. Water, water making everything green, multiple shades of green enhanced by earthy browns and sometime a soft blue sky and clouds in whites, pastels or dark foreboding grays. Sounds, the sounds of rivers running, rain falling softly on the mossy ground, beating windowpanes, washing country roads or the silent hush of snow, all music to my ears. Summer evenings of slowly changing twilight from day to night. A home that is never too hot or too cold but lush, abundant and gentle.

Here are some images I’ve painted over the years of the West Coast.



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