January 01,2009

It has always been a tradition for me to give some quiet contemplation to the past year on the 31st of December and write my thoughts in my journal. At times, when I have been out celebrating, this might have occurred in the wee hours of the New Year and had a somewhat sleepy, exhausted edge to it but tonight I am home before the clock strikes out the old. So here I sit….thinking…but my eye, and mind, is distracted by falling snow outside my window. More snow! I have lived in places where it snowed every winter for months on end and it felt natural. It seemed suitable to that place. That city or country wore its snow with pride and beauty. Sometimes in those places when the snow left, the magic disappeared and the place became brown and boring. But Vancouver is not a snow place. Vancouver is a place of colours, a constantly changing kaleidoscope. Its winter wear of white is best worn for a day or two or three but no longer. Longer doesn't suit its wet coast nature. I can't help feeling betrayed on this last night of 2008. I miss the rain, the various shades of green, and the soft spongy ground beneath my feet. I'm distracted and put off my work, ready to end the season and start the New Year, with new paintings, new adventures and colours to inspire the eye. A Warm and Colourful 2009 to All.

Posted by LANNI SULJE at 12:24
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