November 14,2011

The Port Moody Annual Show and Sale was quite successful this year. It was wonderful to see so many people,and to have the opportunity to meet and talk with some very interesting artists and art patrons. Thanks you to everyone who attended. I hope you enjoyed the show. The LaNaDa Show at Place des Arts has been extended to mid December. And will be on view for the Positively Petite Christmas Show. Now that it is a bit quieter I've started some 11 x 14 paintings of no particular theme. Just what catches my eye for the moment. Some are images I have wanted to work with for some time but as they were outside of any series, and I was staying connected to a series, they were put aside. So far I've completed four paintings and will continue until, at least, the New Year. Want to see where it goes and I'll then decide. It's a bit of playtime.

Posted by LANNI SULJE at 05:14
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