October 09,2014
Port Moody Art Association Annual Show and Sale

Art Opening November 7, continues November 8th and 9th at Recreation Centre 300 Ioco Road ................................................. With the Port Moody Art Association Annual Show and Sale coming up in early November it seemed like the perfect time to send out a super 'thank you' to all those who have supported my work through the years. Not all of the pieces displayed here were shown in the Port Moody Art Association Shows. Some were created before I was a member and some were shown in other venues or studio shows. Although I paint from some inner drive, and to give life to visions that refuse to remain unexpressed, it is always a thrill to know that others are touched by the images and want to hold them close, and live with them. If these paintings could not be shared it would be a very lonely endeavor. My hope is that they bring joy and pleasure to others whether they view them briefly or spend a longer time with them. Here are some of the painting that now live on the walls of others. .Note that I have only chosen 20 paintings as my space allows but I will add more next month. Also some of the sizes may not be exact as my record keeping was not the best in the early days. And reproductions were not especially good before the digital age so images may look a bit different than the actual painting.

Posted by LANNI SULJE at 09:37
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