December 10,2017
Paintings from the Past

I received an email recently from a person who had bought a painting I did quite a long time ago. It prompted me to review some of my paintings over the years. I am continually working with pencil, oil paints or gouache, watercolour sometimes, and have been for years; only taking short breaks every now and then of maybe a week or two. After about ten days of no painting it seems everything I look at I view as a painting. Probably because I have no image I can concentrate on …and/or I’m seeing everything in the world as a potential image to be translated with paint; which tends to happen anyway but even more so when I’m not working on one or two or three in progress pieces. I’m not particularly possessive of the paintings once they are completed and find it wonderful that so many of these them are out in the world and, I hope, still appreciated by others. So …many thanks and cheers to all of those who have been generous enough to find a space on your wall for my paintings. I hope they continue to bring joy to your days.

Corridor Of Time

Posted by LANNI SULJE at 11:06
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