August 07,2020

Staying at home and not even travelling B.C. much lately has caused me to become very reminiscent of past journeys to other places. With more time on my hands I thought I'd go through some photos of painting I did from past travels. Although I love my home travelling to new places is so inspirational. I always arrive home with many sketches, watercolour and photos to work from and trying to decide which ones to use as guides for creating larger paintings. It is nice to work while the scenes are fresh in my heart and mind. I've been to Italy a couple of times so quite q number of paintings from there. The first trip was to Rome, Venice, and Cinque Terra and surrounding areas. Then back to Rome for a few days. We had three weeks so it was enough time to make pencil and watercolour noted, absorb the atmosphere, drink wine and eat plenty of delicious cheeses, breads, pasta and pizza. The second trip was to the southeast of Italy for a slightly longer stay. We rented a car in Rome and drove to Matera, Alberobello, Ostuni and then to the west side of Italy to visit Amalfi and the coastal area there. We then stoped at Pompei on our way back to Rome. Some places we stayed for a few days and others a week to give ourselves enough time to explore the surrounding villages and landscape. Here are a few of paintings from those two adventures.

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