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November 08,2007

Creating art can be such a solitary pursuit, I think sometimes we forget how important it is to walk away from the workshop once in a while and do something else. I got together with a friend tonight that I met in my first silversmithing class, for dinner and coffee. She brought along some of the things she's been working on, and I oohed and aahed and was really interested to see some of her new creations. We had dinner and coffee, and then wound up standing in the parking lot of the restaurant for about an hour and a half, laughing and gossiping. We talked about our day jobs, and things going on in our lives, and family, and of course, getting together to make jewellery. It was a really fun evening, and I only feel 1% guilty for spending time away from the bench. Tomorrow's another day, and there will be time for the day job and the bench again. For tonight, I'm really glad I walked away from the workshop for an evening, and had a good time with a friend.

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November 04,2007
casting class

Today was the last day of a casting class I've been taking. I was away in Tofino for the weekend, a surprise gift, so I missed all but the last half hour of my class (it was worth it, I'm crazy about Tofino), and just managed to sneak in to pick up the pieces I'd prepared, which the instructor agreed to burn out and cast for me. They look pretty good for the first attempts, can't wait to clean them up and finish. I'll post pics when they're done. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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