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April 22,2007
New Inspiration

Just when I was feeling blocked and uninspired, something new has come along. I have received a commission for a carving, with a fairly short deadline of 5 1/2 weeks. No time for blocks now, the wheels are spinning again. Sometimes the universe really does step in and give you a push, as long as you're open to the possibilities. Life is good.

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April 17,2007
Artist%92s block

Don't you hate when an evening in the workshop leads to nothing? Having one of those nights. Spent 3 hours in the workshop, seemed like most of the time went by gazing out the window, not being able to focus on my work. Inspiration is a funny thing. When you're not looking it jumps out of every corner, every cloud, every shiny thing by the curb, but when you look for it somehow it escapes you. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

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April 08,2007
happy Easter

We painted eggs for the first time in years. My son is going to be 20 next Saturday, but he insisted. When there was dye left over he suggested we paint the cat, and unfortunately, I agreed. I guess it's the artist in me, but it didn't seem that any harm could come of it, so yes indeed, we dyed the cat blue and purple. There goes mother of the year, but we had fun, and the cat really didn't seem to mind. Although I'm starting to think my son's girlfriend really thinks we are a weird bunch. Oh well, fun was had by all. Happy Easter.

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April 06,2007
Back from Ucluelet

Just got back from a much needed 4-day vacation in Ucluelet and Tofino. Spent hours gathering driftwood for new carvings, and just getting generally refreshed in mind, body and spirit. Would love to live on the beach if they'd let me, but alas, the old day job beckons.

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