I Was Just Thinking.....
June 11,2007
and the carving goes on

Wow, time flies. I just realized I haven't had a spare second in what seems like ages to just sit and look at other people's art and check out what everyone's up to. Yesterday morning I went out to the Squamish Nation's 4th Annual Art Sale and had a blast. It's so inspiring to see the young people displaying their work alongside the more established and experienced artists. I had a great morning, talking to so many artists, and getting inspired all over again. The commissioned piece I am working on is coming along pretty well. I felt like I hadn't really accomplished much, and then tonight I started looking back over the photos of the work in progress, from sketch to clay model, and finally the stages the carving has gone through. It helps me to realize that it's come a long way from the start, and helps me to keep going, which is what I'm headed out into the workshop to do now.Have a good night all.

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