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February 10,2008
Notice to fans

I have recently realized that I may have been deleting e-mails that have come from people trying to contact me through the My Art Club.com website. Normally when an e-mail comes, I get a notice from the web site to let me know it's there, and has come through the Art Club. However, it turns out that some e-mails have gone straight to my junk folder. I apologize to anyone who may have tried to reach me. I assure you that if I'm aware of it, I will get back to you within a day or two. So, to anyone that may have tried to contact me and didn't get a response, I apologize. Please feel free to try again, and I will be more diligent about checking the junk folder before e-mails are automatically deleted. I am always happy to hear from people, whether it's a comment, a question or a critique, so please keep 'em coming. Happy Sunday.

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February 02,2008
New month, new outlook

Yay, January, bleary, grey, cold, yucky January is finally over! Have you noticed the days are getting longer? (okay, just a little, but I'll take it). I was leaving early this morning to teach a class, and noticed my desolate, gross looking garden, and to my surprise, poking through the snow, the early flowers are already coming up. There's something about seeing that simple thing that really lifted my spirits. It's amazing how such a little thing got me thinking about what to plant, how it will look, if I'm going to add new colors, and so on and so forth. I think we get excited about art in the same way. You see something, it starts the wheels turning, and next thing you know you can picture a whole series of new things. So, from the humble little green shoot in the dirt, a whole new feeling came over the day. Happy Saturday!

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