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April 13,2008
Celebrating my greatest creation

On April 14th my son will turn 21. Legal everywhere, all grown up, whole life ahead of him (please universe, make this year better than the last one was!)

As artists we continually evolve and grow, change the style we work in, the colors we love, the stones that inspire us, but it's really all about us, how we feel, how we create, and even though it may sometimes feel like a piece isn't working or coming together the way we'd like, it is still under our own hand that it becomes what it is.

Not so with the lovingest, weirdest, most ongoing creation I call "my son". Completely out of my control, and yet in so many ways still so dependent. At 21 I had him. At 21, he has 2 cats (but I don't think he even knows where the litter box is), 3 piranhas, 2 sharks and assorted fish that manage to survive in the same tank as sharks and piranhas (yes, we got him a MUCH bigger tank for his birthday). Every day I see this creation change, evolve, step forward and fall back, but he's one of the few "pieces" I can look back at and not think, "I would do that differently next time".

So, Happy Birthday to him, and everyone else born on this day, and congratulations to me for creating a work of art that is never static, never boring, and always gorgeous!

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April 01,2008
Happy April

Played an April Fool's joke on my boss this morning. The prank was someone else's idea, but it went over with a bang! Luckily, our boss has a good sense of humor.

I heard on the radio on the way home from work that only about 30% of people in BC bother with April Fool's Day. I say, have fun, play pranks, laugh out loud until your stomach aches! Life's too serious to give up the opportunity to play a joke on someone and get to blame it on an actual day devoted to such things. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put some blue food coloring in the milk :)

Have a great day!

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