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June 05,2008
I'm back

Well, I'm still recovering from a nasty, icky, gross, beat-you-down virus that really knocked me for a loop. Almost a month has gone by since the morning I got up for work and realized I had a fever, my joints were swollen, and my poor old chest just wasn't up to snuff. For the first time in years, I called in sick to work, thinking "one day'll do it". Wrong!!! Not only did I miss 3 days of work, I had to cancel my classes at the studio, stayed good and sick for 2 weeks, and then slowly started to recover. I've got to admit, I got good and offended that I could get knocked down like that.

Then I realized something. I've been working many, many extra hours at my day job, struggling along in the workshop at night, teaching, and pushing myself beyond my limits, until my body said, "Yup. You're done". So, I've spent the last couple of weeks going to work during the day, then coming home at night and doing nothing. I'm not good at it, I get antsy, irritated and bored. And, I really, really miss my workshop, more than I ever realized I would, because I'm always in there!

On the bright side, I am starting to feel better, and over the last few nights I have slowly started puttering about in the workshop again. I taught on Saturday, but I don't know if I was very effective. If not, to my students, I'm sorry! I'll try to do better this Saturday. And to my family, now that I'm getting back to a more usual routine, maybe you'll forgive me for being grumpy for the past month. And to my workshop....I'll never take you for granted again!

Peace out everyone, hope nobody else got this stupid virus.

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