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March 25,2009
Inspiration please

Another long day. Another day with little inspiration. I do not mean to be depressing, but somehow I am still in a funk. The sun helped a little today, walking outside and feeling the warmth, with the promise of better days to come. And yet, somehow, I cannot seem to pull myself out of the uninspired state of mind that has been plaguing me for the past few months.

Last year I spoke in a blog about sitting in on a talk by Roy Henry Vickars in his Long House gallery in Tofino, and about the origin of the word inspiration, coming from "inspiritu", which literally translates to "the breath of God". My feeling of spirituality comes from walking on a beach, digging in the dirt, being outside, creating art in whatever form strikes me, things that seem to be escaping me. Maybe I have got the winter blues...I just do not know. But, spring is here, hopefully the sun will show its face more and more, and this feeling of lacking will pass. I can only wish it, and hope for the best.

May you all feel "the breath of God", and may I find it again soon.


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