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November 22,2010
Two down, one to go

Finished the second commission - a Tanzanite ring. Beautiful setting, perfect fit, but every jewelery makers' nightmare, just about finished setting the stone when a tiny "crack" noise came out of nowhere. I froze, bezel pusher in hand, stared at the stone and realized a tiny flake had chipped off the underside of the stone. Maybe not such a big deal if it was hidden, but it was set in an open bezel, and the chip shows when you take a good look at the underside of the ring. Several jewellers had warned the stone may crack due to a small inclusion - didn't crack, but to me the chip was equally as horifying, especially since the stone was purchased during the client's 3-month trip to Africa. In the end she was still very happy with the ring, and decided to take it as it was. What a compliment that the overall look of the ring, the finish and the setting, were still pleasing enough that the small chip didn't deter from the final product.

And now, on to a pendant to match an anniversary tattoo. A very unique Christmas gift for an unsuspecting wife. No stone to set, but a challenge nonetheless.

Have I mentioned how much I love what I do? Now I just need to remember to take photos when the work is done!!!


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