I Was Just Thinking.....
February 07,2010
Where's the time gone?

Wow...I can't believe it's been so long since I've managed to sit down and write something! It feels like work has truly taken over my life, overtime most days, too exhausted other days to do anything else. To add to the mix, got a puppy in September who's created much chaos and brought much love, but between work and dog the most creative thing I've done lately is assembled a shelf from Ikea. I did manage to make some Christmas presents for a few (very few) friends, and did a home show in early November that went really well... thankfully I had a fair amount of inventory ready to go, or I never could have pulled it off. Although the time and energy are lacking, the ideas are still swirling through my head, thankfully, or I really would lose my mind.

Here's to another year, may the puppy calm down and work slow down, so I can get back to what really matters!

Peace :)

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