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March 01,2010
A slow return to art

After months of inactivity, I finally feel like I'm slowly returning to creating art. Taught a viking weave class the last 2 weekends, finally managed to complete a couple of new pieces of jewellery, and the buzzing inside my head is starting to fade...at least a little. I often wonder if I'm the only artist who fades in and out, loses inspiration and energy, and then slowly revives to begin again. My only hope is that the creative energy will always come back. I know I miss it incredibly when life gets in the way, and when it returns, that sense of calm returns as well. Life's good. Even the dog is finally starting to behave like (slightly) less of a lunatic, although he still can't be in the workshop with me. I had images in my mind of the dog lying faithfully by the chair while I worked on wonderful creations...instead, he chews everything in sight and makes a huge nuisance of himself... but maybe someday. Ciao :)

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