I Was Just Thinking.....
June 23,2010
Who was I kidding?

Wow....can't believe it's been so many months since I last wrote anything. Looking back at my last posting, I naively stated the dog was beginning to behave - Lord, what was I thinking? Turns out when a dog shadows your movements from room to room it's because he thinks you're in danger, which means every time you take him for a walk he thinks he needs to kill everyone and anyone that comes within 10 feet of you. It also means he needs to ward off dust motes, birds, wind, leaves, seriously, anything that moves. Which means you pay big bucks to a specialized trainer and many, many hours trying to convince the dog he doesn't need to kill anyone.

So while I've been busy working, and teaching almost every weekend, and trying to train this goofy dog, it has left almost no time to create anything new. The few pieces I've been supposed to repair have sat idle in their little envelopes in my workshop, taunting me when I wander in, leaving me apologizing to clients because I've just not been able to get to them. Thankfully people are patient, I think the circles under my eyes make them feel sorry for me.

I will create again...I will create again...I will....go to sleep now.


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