I Was Just Thinking.....
July 26,2011

I create jewellery and people say, "wow, love it, gorgeous, I want one!". I create a carving, and the response is the same. Same goes for drawings, paintings, and tattoo images. Not everyone loves everything, but no one asks why. Until the dolls. Now a question I often hear is "um...why?". Truth is, I don't know. Dolls have always been sort of creepy to me. I didn't have many as a kid, except for one particularly ugly European style doll - golden cotton candy textured hair, blue eyes that closed when you laid her down, fancy blue party dress, and almost as big as I was. Oh yeah, and you weren't supposed to play with it. It was just for looking at, and it sat on the bed and looked back. Creeped me out on a regular basis, and I got rid of it as soon as I was allowed to.

Fast forward a few years (okay, a lot of years), and as I was wandering through Value Village, I saw an old doll in amongst the toys. For some reason I picked her up and put her in my basket, paid for her and brought her home. That led to the first "why?". My family knows I'm not a doll person, so of course everyone wanted to know why I bought it, and my answer was "I don't know". She sat in my workshop for about 6 months until one day I picked her up, and suddenly knew why. I pulled out my paints, and a whole new journey began. That first doll was Lizzie, and I had a blast revamping her. No more creepiness hiding under that sweet exterior...now it's all out in the open. I've painted several more since, and suddenly my workshop is home to many (and boy do I mean many) dolls, all awaiting their fate. The "why" is because it's fun, because it's different, and hopefully it's a little disturbing without being disgusting. Each one sits and waits until inspiration strikes, and oddly enough I have no real idea where it will lead until I'm done.

Why not?

Enjoy :)


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