I Was Just Thinking.....
September 01,2011
Thought processes

People have asked me what kinds of things go through your mind when you're creating, so I thought I'd share the thought processes that took place the other evening as I was doing some beading.

Ahem...blue, black, blue, black, blue, black, black, black, CRAP, take off two blacks...where was I? Oh yeah, blue, black, blue...dammit! Where'd it go? Aussie! Don't eat that! Leave it, leave it, leave it! Whatever, I'll find it later. Where was I? Oh yeah, blue, black, blue...I wish it was Friday. WHERE WAS I? Okay, blue, black, blue...I wonder if there's any wine left?

I'd like to say it gets better than that, but sometimes, that's all folks :)


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