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November 27,2013

One of the pieces I need to complete for a client is a Christmas bracelet, complete with red and green glass beads, and small square beads that look like presents. It's a little out of my element, but hey, who doesn't like a challenge? So...at any given time I have at least 5 rolls of stretchy bead cord in the workshop. I have 7-strand, 5-strand, 1mm, etc...you get the picture. Of course, now that I need it NOW, what is the one thing I cannot find in my workshop? Stretchy cord. Not one stupid, hiding roll of stretchy cord. That means a trip to the store and then, once I've opened the roll and can't return it, I will find the other five rolls. Cuz that's how it works.



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November 23,2013
The life of an artist when art is not your life...

...gets a little strange sometimes. I am working on several different commissions at the moment, all the while working full time, and also doing some extra part time work from home. Nothing quite like setting up a piece for soldering, moving on to the other piece on the workbench, stepping back into the regular part of the house to work on the computer, all the while keeping an eye on the time so I can get back into the workshop, solder, throw it in the pickle, set up the next piece, and then back to the computer. Oh yeah, and the dog needs to go out. Given the choice, art would be the full time job. For now, I'll take it where I can get it :)


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November 13,2013
New Commission

As much as I enjoyed the 2013 Skull challenge, it's time to buckle down again to some serious work :)

I've got a commission to create a pendant for a 50th birthday gift, utilizing a carved ox bone wolf face. This one holds it's own challenges, as the edges are not only textured, simulating fur, but they are quite thin, and have multiple levels. As always, the biggest challenge will be to set the carved piece into the bezel without chipping or breaking it. Adding to the mix, there is a small hole in the forehead, and we've decided to set either a garnet or an onyx into it, because really, why not make it more challenging! And, of course, I have exactly ONE carved wolf, so it has to work the first time.

I've got a few weeks to finish it...wish me luck! I'll post photos when it's done.


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November 05,2013
Custom Ring Remodel

Back in October during the skull challenge I mentioned a ring I was remodeling for a client. The trick was to keep a similar "spirit" to the shape and style, while creating a much more stable and protective setting for the large, blue glass centerpiece. After playing with several designs, I came up with one that I felt allowed the blue of the stone to remain the focus, but gave the whole piece a much more solid feel. The client was very happy with the finished piece, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I managed to set it without chipping or cracking the large but delicate glass focal.

Peace!Custom Ring Remodel

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