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July 27,2013
Two commissions in one week!

Whew! Just completed a silver moon bangle for one client, and a pearl/silver/kyanite/quartz necklace for another! It's been a busy week, and now....vacation for two!



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July 13,2013
Another great class!

Beautiful day, and a great class. Got one of the best compliments today, when about halfway though the class one of the students noted what a beautiful day it was outside, and another of the students said, "that's okay, I'd rather be in here, this is so much fun!". What a compliment! We basically had two hours of laughter, learning and conversation, and everyone left smiling and looking forward to next Saturday. As an instructor, there's no better feeling.

Peace :)

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July 11,2013
Teaching this Saturday and next

Yay! Viking weave class at S.S.Studio this weekend and next. Haven't taught one since September, so it is long overdue. The chain mail classes always seem to fill up faster, and I always enjoy teaching it too, but there is something so zen about the Viking weave. That, and I love to see the student's faces when they pull their weave through the drawplate and realize how forgiving it really is.

I wish there was a way to spend more time artistically and MUCH less time at the day job, but one has to pay the bills, and so I go to the day job, and look forward to the spare time (ha), nighttime, weekends when the real fun begins.


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