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August 28,2013
Thank You

This has been a record-breaking month for me, both for visits to my studio and art pages, and to the Blog entries, and I wanted to acknowledge my appreciation to all those who have continued to be interested in my work, both artistic and (artistically?) written!

I cannot pretend that I really understand how the Internet works (or radio or TV for that matter, but that might be oversharing), and how people find me there, but I am glad they do, and hopefully will continue to do so. It still amazes me that when I type my name into Google (oh come on, we all do it don't we?) there are so many options to click on, and over in images, more and more of my work is appearing! For my part, I will continue trying to keep all of you entertained and interested, and hopefully at least a little inspired, and I hope for your part, you will carry on with me on this journey of making and showing art, and sharing my thoughts with you.


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August 20,2013
The tenacity of the human spirit

I taught chainmail classes the last two weekends, and had a very unusual student. This classy lady suffered a brain injury due to an accident, and it has affected all parts of her body. She is covered in scars, has trouble walking, trouble using her hands, and trouble speaking, and there she was, ready to take the class. Initially I was worried...how was I going to teach this lady, and be able to share the time equally with the other students?

Turns out I didn't have to worry. Although she had some struggles, she persevered through the class with humor, and didn't let her "limitations" stop her from doing what she wanted to do. The other students were great, and there was tons of laughter, swearing, rings dropped on the floor, pliers dropped, the usual!

I wasn't sure she would return for the second class, but she was the first one there, and managed to finish her project, just like the other students, and left proud and happy at the end of the class.

It serves as a great reminder not to let the little things get you down. There are times I sit in my workshop with no inspiration, stupid everyday little things getting in the way, and yet here was this woman who had been through so much and keeps on going, and leaves with a smile at the small victory of completing a pair of earrings.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, universe willing, I won't ever be faced with the challenges that this lovely lady faces every minute of every day, and that I can aspire to the same tenacity, strength, and pride in accomplishments, big or small, and the will to keep trying, regardless of what life throws in the way.

I wish the same for all of you.


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August 12,2013
My Mother's Ring

Over 40 years ago a pendant was purchased for my mother, by my father, in Croatia. It featured a large, green stone, set in a fairly elaborate gold frame. Things changed, the pendant went into a box in a drawer, and about 25 years ago, my mother used the gold to make herself a ring, and the stone stayed in the box. About 3 years ago my mother gave me the stone, thinking maybe I could use it in my jewelry making. It sat in my workshop ever since, not the sort of thing I would use in my work, a bit big, synthetic, scratched up, and a little worse for the wear.

This year my mother turned 74, and I was at a loss in terms of what to get for her birthday. She has taken to saying "don't get me anything. I'm too old to use things up before I die anyway"...so, not easy to shop for, right? For some reason, those comments reminded me of that stone...a little weathered, a little tired, and so I decided to make her a ring for her birthday. I debated having the stone re-polished, and decided to leave it as it was, flaws and all. I've never set a large, faceted stone like that, so it was a challenge from the start. I fabricated three different bands, and didn't like any of them, and started to think maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all. I started to doodle in frustration, and suddenly the design came to me, and I got to work.

Flash forward a few weeks to mom's big day. We had a bar-b-q in the back yard, and then I gave her the gift bag. When she opened it, she yelped, and said "I used to have a stone just like this...do you remember?". We all started laughing, and I said, "mom, it's the same stone". She was shocked, having forgotten all about having given me the stone, and then even more surprised that I had kept it.

As much as she said she never cared about it much, it suddenly took on a whole new meaning, and took her back to being in Croatia, receiving the pendant, and happier times. As much as our relationship has had its struggles, I found myself tearing up a bit to see her so happy. She has worn the ring every day since her birthday, and I catch her gazing at it often, thinking of a different time in her life. I don't know how much longer she'll be with us, but I am glad I worked through the mental block and finished it, and am grateful to be reminded again how lucky I am that fate gave me a gift that lets me create new memories for others.

PeaceSterling Silver Ring with Vintage Synthetic Peridot

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August 06,2013
You know you're a jewelry fiend when...

You leave in the morning, realize you forgot to put on earrings, and even though you have NINE others in, because the holes that the average person wears earrings in are empty, you feel naked.

At any given time you are wearing SEVEN rings, but when you leave and realize you forgot to throw one on your left hand index finger, you feel naked.

Looking down at those somewhat mangy summer feet that could really use a pedicure and a new coat of polish, your first thought is...darn it, where's my toe ring, and you feel naked.

When making or purchasing a new bracelet, your first thought usually goes something like "will it go with my other bracelets?". The thought of actually REMOVING one of the other bracelets...well, that would leave you naked :)

PeaceSterling Silver band rings

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August 01,2013
One very happy recipient :)

I mentioned in my last blog that I had completed two commissions in one week. Now that the lovely lady who was the recipient of a necklace for her retirement has received it, I have posted the image in the jewelry studio. She called me this morning to thank me, and tell me that she loved it so much she wore it to breakfast today, the first day of her retirement! What a great feeling to have been able to tap into her personality and style, and come up with something that she loves. The downside is that once again I did not get the picture that I would have liked, but it shows the spirit of the piece anyway.

The necklace features a "floating" stick pearl in a rectangular sterling frame, kyanite shards, quartz stones and stick pearls, and, one of my favorite features, a nice, chunky pearl is incorporated into the toggle, making the clasp as elegant as the rest of the necklace.

She's happy, I'm happy, life is good :)

PeaceSterling/Kyanite/Quartz and Stick Pearl NecklaceSterling/Kyanite/Quartz and Stick Pearl Necklace

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