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December 31,2014
New Year, new beginning

Well, tomorrow I officially become the owner of Little Gypsy's Fine Jewelry in Port Moody. If all goes right, doors will re-open on January 7th.

I have butterflies, and possibly some other flutters in my stomach, but I am so excited I'm almost there.


Hope everyone has a safe, happy end to 2014, and here's to new beginnings!


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December 26,2014
Wide silver band ring

In and amongst all of the gallery preparations, getting ready for the holidays, trying to remember what I am sure I've forgotten to do, at least a little time has been spent in the workshop, thankfully!

This ring is one of a series I am planning, using the crossed over spiral as the focal point. Earrings, pendants and rings...oh my, ha-ha.

Happy Boxing Day everyone!

Wide band silver ring

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December 25,2014
Merry Christmas!

To all of you I wish a very Merry Christmas, and thank you for continuing to follow my art pages. May your day be filled with laughter and joy, and in whatever way you choose to celebrate, or don't, may good things come to you today and every day.



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December 10,2014

There are so many things going on right now that finding some sort of balance in my day has become just a tad challenging!

However, I still need to find time to create, lest I open the gallery doors in January with a very limited selection!

And so I give you the shawl pin...simple, elegant and affordable!

And now...back to the workshop :)


Sterling Silver Shawl Pin

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December 05,2014
Art is easier than business because

when you create art you mostly do it because you're driven to...for whatever reason, be it because you need to, want to, have to, etc.

I'm finding the business aspects a bit daunting at the moment. Registering the business, getting the license, insurance, GST, PST, and on it goes...and yet, I can't wait to open the doors!

On the bright side, I have been having a lot of fun designing the logo now that I've stopped listening to all the advice and am just following my heart and doing what feels right to me. In the end it may not be the most suitable design, but as I work on it I feel good about where it's going, and that's got to count for something, right?

I won't show you quite yet...but soon!


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