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March 31,2014
Controlled Chaos

I've spent way too many hours at my "other job" over the last few weeks, working 11 and 12 hour days, getting home with just enough energy to eat, have a glass of wine, and fall into bed. What little time I've spent in the workshop has been all about futzing around, no real finished pieces, and no particular direction. That means that my workbench was starting to look like it did a few months back, when the killer virus took over my life. So today, I decided, with great resolve, to clean up the bench.

I picked up bits and pieces. I moved stuff around. I even threw some stuff in the garbage, and you know what? After two hours the only real difference was that I sort of rearranged the mess, and now I don't know where stuff is.

That'll teach me.

Just goes to show there's something to be said for controlled chaos...at least you know where your jump rings are!


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March 10,2014
It's really hard to photograph amber!

So, bought a beautiful strand of graduated color amber for a custom piece, created a great focal pendant with a custom bail, as well as a custom clasp, put it all together with small silver beads and large bali silver beads, presented it to a very happy client, and didn't manage to get a great picture! The first tries gave it the appearance of candy corn (truly, I'm not kidding), which I didn't realize until the piece was already presented and gone. I recently got my hands on it again, so that I could (hopefully) get a better photo. While it's better, it's not great. I can't believe how hard it is to photograph amber! Anyway, here it is. I tried. Hopefully the photo looks better than I think it does :)

Peace!Amber and Sterling Necklace

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March 05,2014
A great end to a rather un-great day

Today was a looooong day at work...meetings from 8 to 3:30, the department I work in is undergoing serious changes affecting a lot of people, and I still haven't caught up from missing 2 weeks of work in January with the awful, evil virus. Long day, and then a meeting with a client.

Tonight I dropped off one of the commissions I've been working on recently, a copper I.D. bracelet. It was a little different as far as commissions go, I hadn't met the client, and only made arrangements over the phone, so I was a little nervous that the piece would be what she was hoping for. I got off on the wrong floor of the building, and felt like a total doofus having to call her again and say "where are you?". When I finally got to the right floor, and door, it was open, and a lovely lady welcomed me with open arms. I don't usually hug strangers, but I really needed that hug, and what a great way to meet someone. Tea was on, cat relaxing on the floor, and we sat for a good half hour before I even took the bracelet out of the case!

Happily, she loved the bracelet, and it was a perfect fit.

What started and promised to be a lousy day all around ended up feeling pretty damn good.

One more commission to drop off on the weekend...with luck, it will go just as well. Heck, I'm even open to another hug!


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