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August 08,2012
Time Flies

Okay, I knew this year seemed to have gotten away from me, but I can't believe it's been almost a whole year since I've posted anything!!! I swear I sat down a few weeks ago and posted my brilliant thoughts :)

It's been a weird year. Lots of repairs for customers, very little custom work, and when the work comes, struggling to come up with ideas and motivation. Sometimes it feels like the muse is no longer amusing! As a way of bringing myself back I've been challenging myself to finally use some of the gorgeous beaded strands I've picked up along the way. Stupid of me really...mesmerised by the colors and iridescence, and yet rarely use gem beads in my work, and can't stop myself from buying them. Somewhere along the way I've picked up all kinds of pearls as well - stick pearls, flat pearls, champagne colored and natural, and so now I'm challenging myself to make use of them as well.

It's amazing and sometimes disheartening the way inspiration ebbs and flows, and so rather than wait for it, I'm just going to keep pushing through.


Posted by Lydia Podobnik at 04:34


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