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September 02,2013
Never too early for skulls!

Halloween is my very most favorite holiday of the year! Okay, technically not a holiday, but definitely a time to celebrate. In the spirit of the celebration, I've been working on a lot of skull themed art in the last few weeks. Let me re-phrase that....I've been working on a lot MORE skull art in the last few weeks.

What can I say? It makes me happy, twisted little person that I am :)

I've posted an acrylic painted, cast resin skull in the miscellaneous studio. It's painted in a realistic style, to look aged and wise. Not to worry though, the rest of what I've been working on is gruesome, fun and, at least in my eyes, cute as ever! Pop on by and have a look, if the mood strikes you.

PeaceSkull, Acrylic on Resin Casting

Posted by Lydia Podobnik at 07:53


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