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November 13,2013
New Commission

As much as I enjoyed the 2013 Skull challenge, it's time to buckle down again to some serious work :)

I've got a commission to create a pendant for a 50th birthday gift, utilizing a carved ox bone wolf face. This one holds it's own challenges, as the edges are not only textured, simulating fur, but they are quite thin, and have multiple levels. As always, the biggest challenge will be to set the carved piece into the bezel without chipping or breaking it. Adding to the mix, there is a small hole in the forehead, and we've decided to set either a garnet or an onyx into it, because really, why not make it more challenging! And, of course, I have exactly ONE carved wolf, so it has to work the first time.

I've got a few weeks to finish it...wish me luck! I'll post photos when it's done.


Posted by Lydia Podobnik at 07:42


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