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November 04,2014
Ohhhhh Sooooo Tired!!!

It seems like for the last few weeks I've either been packing boxes, loading boxes, unloading boxes, or driving those damn boxes to their respective destinations. At this point the house is almost completely dismantled, but the other one is nowhere near mantled! I've been putting off taking apart my workshop for obvious reasons...still have two commissions on the workbench, and yet now I have to start packing it all away, and hopefully setting it all up as quickly as I can again so I can continue working.

After 23 years in my home, there are obviously things I will miss. My son grew up in this house, though he's long moved on into his own place. This house has seen many friends come and go, new people come into our lives, people have moved on, I've lost family members, and seen my family grow.

I've grown myself in this house, hopefully matured as a person, but also as an artist. The workshop in the back has saved my life, literally, on more occasions than I can count. The workshop went from an empty room with some promise to the place where I created carvings, paintings, sketches, and of course, jewelry. Twenty three years of a simple room becoming a sanctuary. Now the trick will be to set up the new workshop to be as effective as this one has been. While it may have looked like chaos to those that visited, to me it was always just right. My hands always knew where to reach out for the right tool, the ever present stereo, files, saws, silver wire and sheet, along with copper and brass, and I could always find the ashtray without even looking, ha-ha.

The trick will be to create a new sanctuary as good as the old. Hopefully it won't take 23 years to figure it out! This weekend is the move to the new home. January 1st is the move to the gallery and another new and wonderful beginning.

Hopefully I'll be awake for it!


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