I Was Just Thinking.....
November 25,2014
Simply use your brain darnit

I'm working at Joye's (soon to be mine) Gallery again today. The debit machine stopped working earlier and after the initial panic I got myself together, called the vendor and figured it out. Voila! Back up and running. The funny thing is that I have many years of experience problem solving in very challenging and busy environments, and yet my brain went blank when I tried and re-tried to get the machine to initialize, before stopping and thinking, "what would you do if you were at your regular job right now?". Oh yeah...duh...call the vendor. My creative brain needs to remember that this is actually a place of business, even if I do spend much of my day here designing jewelry and selling beautiful objects to beautiful people.

In a way it reminded me of how much I have yet to do before all this becomes my responsibility! Insurance, business license, inspections, advertising, and on it goes! If you're like me, one of the most challenging aspects of being an artist is the business side of promoting yourself, staying organized, keeping track of costs, etc. etc. In a perfect world that would all take care of itself (including your work magically selling itself) but the reality is that the creative and the business aspect go hand-in-hand, and I need to get down to the business of taking over a business.

Oh boy. This is getting serious!


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