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November 26,2014
Chainmail earrings and a laptop

I guess it's safe to say I am not the most computer savvy person in the room at any given time, but this morning at the gallery I took some photos, managed to load them on the laptop, managed to find them again once I changed screens, edit a photo, and upload it to the jewelry studio!

Excuse me if I'm feeling a little pleased with myself right now. However, I also turned the stupid camera on the laptop on, and have not got a clue on how to turn it off again. Oh well, that might be a lesson for another day. Thankfully there is the Google, maybe there is an answer there, lol.

In the meantime, these chainmail earrings feature a captured 4mm Blue Adventurine stone bead, and sparkle beautifully in the light and in the shadows, and can be found at Joye Designs in Port Moody, where I'm hanging out today :)


Captured Blue Adventurine Chainmail Earrings

Posted by Lydia Podobnik at 12:09


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