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December 15,2006
Resizing a folder of art images
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Imagine being able to resize an entire folder of images, even a whole CD ROM of images, all at once! The "Photo Resizer", will do just that, creating a new folder with the correct format and size all ready in one place for you to upload to your MyArtClub website.

The AMAZING "Photo Resizer" utility
The "Photo Resizer" was made available for free on the web from EMCO Software, a software vendor of remote administration and management solutions, headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland. The software has since been withdrawn and is no longer supported. However, the software is still available to MyArtClub artists and is available for download from your artist member page.

How to use "Photo Resizer"
Login to your member site. Click on the link "Download our help manual" and then click on the link at the bottom of the page to download the software. Install the software on your computer.

The following paragraphs show you how to use this utility to resize your art images, your artist picture, your signature file and your object images. Easy as 1 -2 -3!

Crop and orient your images.
Use your photo editing program to review and adjust your images in your directory. In this step, crop the image close to show only the art image, and rotate if required to the correct orientation.

Save your files into the directory you will use in step 2 as the "source" directory.

Set up the Photo Resizer Software
Open up the "Photo Resizer" and setup the software.

  • Set the source directory of your art images under the "Path Settings: Read images from:" text input box.
  • The program sets up a destination directory automatically. When you select your directory of images to read from, the Photo Resizer updates the "Save Images to:" text input box to the same directory but adds a new directory Resized underneath your directory.
    Details: Normally this is fine, but you can change this directory to another location if you wish as long as it is not the same as your input directory. You will need to choose a C drive directory if you are using a CD ROM as source of images.
  • Set the "New JPEG compression" factor (try between 80 and 90 % compression) by sliding the bar to the left or right. This control modifies the physical size of the images that you create.
  • Make sure the "Aspect ratio" is selected as 1:1.
  • For your art images, set the "Max. image width" to 550.
  • Set the "Max. image height" to 450.
  • To resize your art images, click on the Resize button.

    Process your art images with the Photo Resizer
    Open up your source directory using Windows Explorer e.g. the directory c:art

    If Windows Explorer doesn't show you the size of your file, then adjust your settings. In order to see the size of the image, you may have to click on the menu bar "View" option and then click on the "Details" item.

    Or you can click on the symbol on the right and then click on details.

    When you click on the Resize button in step 7 above, the photo resizer processes all the images in your source directory and creates the output images in the destination directory.

    When the photo resizer is complete, look in the destination directory, again using Windows Explorer.

    All you photos should now be listed with the size showing in KB beside the name.

    You may need to run the Photo Resizer with different compression values (step 3 above) in order to determine the appropriate setting to get the physical file size you want. Remember you want between 50 and 140 KB - ideally around 80 - 100 KB. If your resulting output images are too small or too large, move the "New JPEG compression" button to the right for slightly higher or to the left for slightly lower sizes respectively.

    Once you have an image of the right size, move it to another directory so it doesn't get overwritten.

    MyArtClub.Com settings summary for Photo Resizer:

    • For resizing your Art images set "Max. image width" to 550 (step 5 above). Set the "Max. image height" to 450 (step 6 above).
    • For resizing your Artist picture image or object images set the "Max. image height" to 250 (step 6 above).
    • For resizing your Artist signature image, set the "Max. image height" to 200 (step 6 above).
    To process only a few files or one file at a time using Photo Resizer, first create a new directory and put only the files you want to process in that directory. When you have processed a file, move the output file from the /Resized/ directory to a new directory so it won't be overwritten.

    This article was first published in the My Art News Letter #14

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