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September 22,2006
Building your email list.
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You can review and manage all the email listings registered to your site. The email management feature is found under your "Member Site". Log in, click on the link "Build or Maintain information to Market your site" and look for "Add or update your mailing list information".
Pay very close attention to the email address lettering. An email address is a tricky thing. Each address is a unique set of characters. If however, there is just one letter out of place, the email will not be delivered. What is even worse, it might go to someone you do not even know! So carefully write it down, and carefully enter it on your site.

What does an email address look like?
All email addresses have a @ sign in the middle. They do not have www. Usually they are written as:
[email protected]
For example, the webmaster of the MyArtClub.Com site has an email address of
[email protected]

To enter an email address on to your site
First you must log in, then click on the link "Build or Maintain information to Market your site" and look for "Add or update your mailing list information".
In the next screen, you will see a box showing who is already on your list. To the right of the box you see a space to put the email address just below the words "Enter Email address". Optionally, you can enter the person's name.

If you have a lot of email addresses to enter, you can enter them in bulk. Click on the "Load Bulk email addresses" link. You can Bulk Load email addresses by entering them in the box displayed separated by ; (semi-colons) and clicking on the Bulk Add email addresses button. To enter the name, add it first with the email address between angle brackets < >

For example:

John Smith;
J Smith;
[email protected]

Note the ; (semi-colon) at the end of each line except for the last one. When you click on the Bulk Add email addresses button, the list will be processed and your current mailing list will be displayed. You can click on the maintain your mailing list link to return to the first screen.

You can delete one or more of the addresses on your list by clicking on the address (or holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on multiple addresses) and then clicking on the "delete email address(es)" button under the box.

MyArtClub.Com attempts to keep the email list free from junk emails with a sign up screening however, your list may end up with junk emails that have gotten by our screening. We attempt to validate the email addresses whenever you send out a notice to your email list and will delete any addresses which fail the validation. You will notice an OK at the beginning of the email list. This indicates that the email at least passed the validation list. It may still be a junk email address.

When you have added a few names to your mailing list, you can send them a notice about your art or upcoming shows. Just reload one of your pictures on your site. Perhaps one you are showing. (Or replace one picture with a new one - it is your choice). Then use the "Notify Your Fans" and add your message about your show; the resulting email will have a web link to the address of your picture attached to your note, to bring visitors to your site.

This article first appeared in the My Art News Letter #2 and #4

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