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September 14,2008
Changing your colours � Part 1
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This article describes the steps you can use to select the "web safe" colour range and set the specific colours on any of the Site Colour Options pages, for setting the colours of Frames, Backgrounds, Page Text, Links and Mass Settings for your studio or art pages.

A bit of background
Some years ago, when computers supported a maximum of 256 different colours, a list of 216 "Web Safe Colours" was suggested as a Web standard, reserving 40 fixed system colours.

The 216 cross-browser colour palette was created to ensure that all computers would display the colours correctly when running a 256 colour palette.

This is not important today, since most computers can display millions of different colours. On the MyArtClub site you will see reference to "web safe", "web-smart" and "unsafe" colour ranges. What is meant by these terms is relatively how many computers will see, or not see, the colours you have chosen correctly:

Name of colour range Colours Available to pick from Percentage of computers that can not read a colour
Web Safe 2160.0% (none)
Web Smart4,096Less than 0.4%
Unsafe16,777 2167.0% and falling

If you are not sure what colours you should use, "Web Smart" has a reasonable amount of choice, and low risk.

Using the Web Safe Colour Range
When you are using the colour selections limited only to 216 web safe colours, all the names were entered as "named" colours, e.g. 'Azure Blue' or "Dark Red".

How to set your website colour range
On the "Artist Colour Options" page:

  1. Pick the "Web Safe" Option from the list of Web Safe, Web Smart, or Unsafe
  2. Confirm selection by clicking on the button below "Update Artist Colour Options"

How to access the colour palette for choosing colours

  1. Look at the line just below where you selected the colour range
  2. Click on the words "colour palette" in the phrase:
    "Click here to bring up the
      colour palette
    in a separate window."

If you have chosen the "Web Safe" option, you will see the following page"

If you hover over the colour that you wish to pick, you will see a pop up with the "number" of the colour as it is represented on the web, but more importantly, the name of the colour that has been assigned to this colour.

Using that name, you can then pick from the drop down list the name of the colour that you want to use for whichever option you are picking from.

In the next article, we will discuss how to pick from the "web smart" colour range using the colour wheel.

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