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October 05,2009
Use a word program to write your text
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MyArtClub recommends for you to use word processing software for all of your text based entries. While you may be tempted to just write all your text on-line, and you certainly free to do so, using a word program has several advantages:
  • Spell check. Nothing looks worse that a typo, and word programs can save you that embarrassment.
  • Saved content. It can take a lot of time to create and edit your web-pages, or blogs. Over time you can create a lot of different content. By saving all the content on your personal computer, you'll have a copy of all your history of changes. It may come in handy, and at least it provides a full record.
  • A bigger page to see what you are editing. In many cases, only a small portion of the text is visible in the entry box. By using a word program, you can see the entire entry.
  • Keep a back up. When making complex changes using HTML codes, especially when tables and various fonts are involved, it is good to have your original copy in case your new version is not quite ready for primetime. That way, you can try the new copy out online, and if it does not appear to work, paste back the old copy while you adjust the new copy.
Here is a quick way to copy the text from the current box. You should be logged into your site and looking at where you make changes to a text box.

Place your cursor anywhere inside the text box of interest, and using windows, the short cut is to hold down the ctrl key, and press the 'a' key at the same time. The whole text box is now highlighted even the parts you cannot see.

Now hold the ctrl key again and press 'c' at the same time to copy. Move to your word program and place the cursor on the word program where you want the text, then hold down the ctrl key and press 'v' at the same time to paste the copied data into the word program. Now save the word file call it 'original copy'. Save the word file again this time call it 'edited copy'.

Edit this second copy, with all your changes, and save the file again. Use the ctrl key and 'a' key at the same time to highlight all the edited text to put back in the internet text box. Hold the ctrl key again and press 'c' at the same time to copy this text.

Move to your internet program and place the cursor on the text box where you want the text, then hold down the ctrl key and press 'a' to highlight all the text and press the delete key, then hold down the ctrl key and press 'v' at the same time to paste your edited copy back into the text box.

Voila, your text is re-written, and you have a saved copy of both the original and the new text.

This article was first published in the My Art News Letter #25

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