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October 30,2011
Google that question you have!
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Each time you encounter a question or a computer error, just remember Let Me Google That! (LMGT)

Here are a couple uses for Google that can save artists a lot of leg work, and even from losing money: Art Scam Research and Computer How To's

Art Scam Research:

Over the last couple weeks, MyArtClub.Com has received more than one artist request regarding a proposal to advertise. In one case Google provided fairly quickly a direct link to a blog where many artists had already asked and answered the same question.

This one seemed legitimate, and at a cost of only $15 per entry, not a large risk: International Contemporary Masters

Yet another, was more directly identified as a scam. But they wanted $1,900 and that is a huge risk!: NY Arts Magazine

It is relatively easy to find these. Just enter into the Google search bar the name of the company making the offer. Then peruse the results. Maybe add qualifying words if that does not seem to find what you want, like add the word scam or problem

Computer How To's

Occasionally related to your computer or your website, you may wonder, "how do I .....??" (you fill in the blank, like say, resize an image file)

Just ask the question and often up will come a variety of answers, sometimes even demonstration videos etc.

For example, Googling "How do I resize an image" comes up with resizing tools. If you were to add MyArtClub to the request, as in "How do I resize an image MyArtClub", you come to our blog on the subject, at Resize your images

Sometimes we get a totally unintelligible error from our computers. Those friendly grey pop ups that write a bunch of gibberish across our screen, and basically tell us in no uncertain terms that we are not going to get what we wanted.

Here is what to do. Write down the exact words of the error message, and enter the whole thing into the Google search bar. Almost certainly you will find a discussion about the very same error, and more than likely instructions on exactly what to do that would assist you.

So all you need to do is ask Google in as specific a way as you can, as a normal question, and you will find many have asked before you. Of course MyArtClub.Com will support you on these or any other aspects, anytime. Just write to us, at [email protected]

What have you used Google to do for you lately?

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October 03,2011
Chilliwack ElderCollege's Fall 2011 courses

Fall is in full swing with leaves of red, orange and yellow, cooler temperatures, rain, and the start of ElderCollege's Fall 2011 semester.

Patricia Jaster is a wonderful artist and watercolour instructor. An additional class of 'Art: Watercolour Painting' has been added to the course offerings and will be held Tuesdays,12:30-2:30, Oct 11 � Nov 15. After calling those on the waitlist, there are still some seats available!

Check out as well Art: Drawing 1

Call to inquire about either course:
Judy Becker, Coordinator, ElderCollege Chilliwack, Building A, Room 112
University of the Fraser Valley, Chilliwack Campus
45635 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC V2P 6T4

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