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January 10,2012
Fraud Alert - Name of Stephen Patrick
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Several MyArtClub.Com member artists (thank you!) have been advising us they have been emailed by a Stephen Patrick, wanting to buy their art. Do not deal with this person.

We have also posted a warning message on the top of all artists Home Page, that reads:
"Important NOTICE: January, 2012 Fraud artist is mailing to many members. Look for name Stephen Patrick. Do no business with this individual. Refers to being a marketing exec moving to South Africa. He also says to some that he is from Quebec"

Cindy Mawle writes..."this time he is from Quebec. The wording is much like a fraud once that I played along with to see how far it would get. They even mailed me a cheque which I took to the bank and we phoned the company on the address. It was a ranch in Alberta. The woman I spoke to said they had cheques go missing thru fed ex, and they had been showing up here and there for the last couple of years."

If you have scam notes, send to us, we'll try to post them, and categorize under "Fraud". In that way, you can check to see if we have had a report recently of similar nature

Cam and Peter

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January 05,2012
Obtaining QR codes for your Art or website Pages
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QR codes are all the rage these days. They are displayed in magazines and newspapers and flyers. You are seeing them everywhere. These codes are read using your smartphone or ipad device with a QR reader/scanner app which will then take you to the web address revealed by the QR code.

If you would like to display the QR code for your website, or for one of the art images displayed on your website, log into to your member site.

For artists, the link to your artist website QR code can be found on the bottom of the "Maintain Artist Page".

To view the QR code for your Art Page website address, go to the "Maintain Art Menu" and click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Group sites can view the QR code for their site from the "Market Your Group" menu.

For the individual art images displayed in the Group gallery, go to the "Maintain Art Menu" under the "Maintain Gallery" and click on the link at the bottom of the page.

In each case you will see a QR code similar to the one displayed here.

MyArtClub.Com QR Code

You can right click on the image and copy or save the .png graphic file to your computer and then incorporate the image on your cards, in advertising or handouts, or however you wish to use it.

If you want to read the QR code on your smart phone or ipad device, go to the app site for your device and search for a QR reader/scanner. Most devices offer a free scanner/reader.

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