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October 22,2017 switches to PayPal for credit cards

MyArtClub.Com continues to offer secure online methods to pay for new or renewing website services. We are moving all credit card payments via PayPal to keep our cost, and hence your website costs as low as possible.

We now offer a choice to select 1) PayPal or 2) pay by a Canadian bank cheque or Canadian bank money order. PayPal must be used by customers without a Canadian Bank account.

If you select PayPal, you can of course pay using PayPal, but alternatively you can use AMEX, Discover (new for us!) MasterCard, or VISA. You are not required to set up a PayPal account connecting to your bank in order to pay using a credit card.

Here is the first PayPal screen you encounter after selection of using PayPal.

Paypal screen ;

If you use PayPal to charge to your credit card, PayPal will not have your address information at hand. Enter your information into PayPal with information matching what the credit card company has on file. PayPal will use that information to process your purchase.

Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact us at [email protected]

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