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October 04,2020
Setting up Google Analytics for your site.

As discussed in our blog Why am I getting less traffic? you can use the services of  Google Analytics to get a more in depth view of where the traffic to your site is coming from.

To set up the Google Analytics to track your site you must have an established account with Google in order to use this facility.

When you sign up with Google Analytics, you will be assigned a tracking code and be shown code that must be inserted into your pages. MyArtClub.Com has already inserted the code into your pages for you. It becomes activated when you insert your tracking code in this page.

To access your tracking code from within your Google Analytics account:

  1. Log in to Google Analytics at
  2. From the Overview page, select the account that has the profile for the tracking code you're looking for, as the code is profile-specific.
  3. Select the profile from the accounts Overview page.
  4. From that profile's Actions column, click Edit
  5. At the top right of the 'Main Website Profile Information' box, click Check Status
  6. Your tracking code (called Web Property ID on this page) can be copied and pasted into this page.
  7. You can add multiple tracking codes (but they must be unique codes i.e. one code for and another for
  8. You can add an optional comment to indicate what the code is tracking i.e. "https"

The tracking code should look like this: UA-XXXXXXX-X e.g. UA-2202604-2.

If you would like assistance in setting up a google analytics code to track your site, just let us know and we'd be happy to assist.

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