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November 21,2006
Create a search engine description and key words
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Thanks to artist Graham Eagle for this suggestion which is available to all MyArtClub.Com artists.

Deions and keywords are used by search engines to help catalogue internet pages. The words describe the page without necessarily appearing on the page, acting as 'behind- the-scenes' indexing.

MyArtClub.Com has always had computer generated deions and keywords, based on entries made when an artist loads up their art. Search engines use these to varying degrees, to help surfers find your website.

What Graham suggested was that MyArtClub.Com provide access for artists to modify and enter their own deion and keywords, to enhance the specific keywords linked to their pages.

You may build additional selection into your search engine presence.
For example, to the basic deion you might add "Now teaching art classes in certain community centres, including the Dogwood Pavilion, Coquitlam" and to the keywords you might add "art teacher, art classes, Dogwood Pavilion, Coquitlam.

To access this feature, login in to your member site, select "Market your Artist Site", then click on "Maintain your Internet Keywords and Deion."

This article was first published in the My Art News Letter #10

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